Sunday, May 16, 2010

miss screwd-up almost

My 8th semester's almost wind up..three more weeks of hard work and cramming n im done..tats all in my mind,little did i know that its important to catch the finishing line with a feeling of pride that u staged ur best while running.

I knew i screwed up this semester,infact worst than all the previous sems but i didnt worry as long as i manage to snuck in my assignments long after everbody submitted presentations were late,my assignments were late n my skill development is no less(when i say late it means the deadlines+extras+extras+one more day :) the other day i went to the college library to actually sit down wit a book for the first time in a whole 4 months n i didnt like what it feels like-the feeling when i see my peer group sittin around a table discussing acts,noting down key points and cracking computations...then i realise how much ive been lagging behind and i sat there for a whole 3 hours thinking n cursing wat an obtuse-futile-she-male 'ive made myself of,the kind of moment u just wanna hit urself n say "u crack head,wat have u done?!",yes i had that moment ryte ther n id say im one lucky bitch not to have a supreme court journal or an SN.MISRA's labour law book lying around my table otherwise i swear i wud have hit me big head hard and said "u ask for it".

Moving i have barely ten days left n im not done mourning the idiot-moron i was but what the heck!,the perfect tick when the old fable "better late than never" kicks is a yes im starting now n im not proud of who n what ive become lately but lessons learned i guess.

And if u dnt see any new post after this then i hope u know its a good thing...ill be back when i have my summer breaks...ciao =)

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  1. Remember...the significance of a person is not in what he/she attains but in what they longs to attain..carry on with what you have and you know. BE YOURSELF.. All the best ma fren :-)